Wednesday, January 4, 2012

April 2011

Girls started soccer. Oaklie was iffy whether she enjoyed it. McCall kicked their trash as usual. Her coach told her one week she had to tone it back so others could score goals. She was a little sad. But it didn't last long :)

Enjoyed General Conference.

Seems like we were super busy this month.

Started getting ready for Easter and Vicki's wedding. Enjoyed a fun bridal shower for Vicki.

Went in for Ultrasound. Took the kids with. The poor technician got asked a million and a half questions. But to the girls dismay.... It would be another little brother to join our family. They really wanted a girl. They didn't like the name Amos that Joe kept teasing us he was going to name the baby if it was boy. Oak even came home off the bus one day with a list of like 40 names that were better than Amos she thought.

Celebrated Easter. It was a lovely day.

Went through the temple with Vicki.

Celebrated my 32nd birthday! Yay me!

Vicki got married to her Tyler on April 30th.

March 2011

To start March off, we headed down to sunny St.George for a quick little vacation. The kids love going down there (I think it has to do with the fact there is a swimming pool and it's warm). We stayed at the Abbey Inn and enjoyed going for Ranger rides, playing at the Fun Park, eating out, visit Joe's family that lives down there, going to visit Garth and making a quick trip to Mesquite, swimming, swimming and more swimming, and just having fun!

We bought a mare with foal in the middle of March. She is a really pretty mare. We were hoping for some color on the foal.

The girls got their bucket calves for this years fair. We were hoping for a little better success this year.

Still pregnant, still had a yucky cold I just couldn't get over, and still NO sleep. We bought a new bed in February... I thought the no sleep was because of the bed.

February 2011

February 5th, Oaklie was baptized and confirmed a member of the church. It was a great day. She was extremely excited. We were blessed to have both of our families participate in the day.

So being pregnant and having a nasty cold I just couldn't get over and sick and getting absolutely NO sleep.... My madre figured it out the day before Oaklie got baptized. We told the kiddos they were getting a new baby and they were very very excited!!! They guessed it right off too. Love our little people so much!!

January 2011

We enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year. We found out we were expecting a new little one the day after Christmas and were very excited!! We decided to see how long we could go without announcing it.

Joe's sister announced that she got engaged on New Years Eve. They will get married April 30.

However, we got January off in a little sad for us but happy for her way. Grandma-Great Maxfield (Joe's 95-year old Grandma) passed away in her sleep on January 5th. She is a wonderful lady and she will be missed dearly. She has wanted to join her dear husband for a long long long time. So we are happy for her that they finally got their joyous reunion. We are thankful she was able to live independently until her passing. We are glad she came to live in Tremonton for several years and our kids got to enjoy her very much.

Oaklie Jo turned eight years old on January 22. Holy moly!! Eight!! She had a great eighth birthday and was looking forward to February when she would be baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She is super pumped to get to attend Activity Days!!!

The girls started piano lessons in January too.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Counting Blessing Giveawy from the amazing Nicole Nelson Photography

Nicole Nelson at Nicole Nelson Photography is having an amazing Counting Your Blessings Giveaway!!! She is an amazing photographer that has captured so many special memories and moments in our family. Further more she is not just an amazing photographer but she is an amazing person inside and out. She is truly blessed with so many talents that she shares with others. Our little family just LOVES Miss Nicole!!! Please go to her website and check out her incredible work!  It is at

I am so grateful for the many many blessing that I have in my life. Some are big and some are small but I am truly grateful for them all. I am especially grateful for my little family. Joe is a wonderful husband, father and best friend. Each of my kiddos light my life in different ways. But I wouldn't have it any different! We are truly blessed to have had little Whitt join our family this August.  It's crazy how he completes us!  I am also very blessed to have such a wonderful and loving immediate and extended family.  They bless our lives so much!  I am very very grateful for our health and protection we have each day.
I am eternally grateful for my Father in Heaven and for the Savior Jesus Christ.  I am thankful for the plan of salvation and for the Atonement and for the power it can bring into our lives.
Here are some pictures she took of our family during different stages in our lives - man alive, our little family has grown :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Whitt Updates

Sept 6 -weighed 8 lbs and is 21 3/4" long

Bathed Whitt & Cash came in to lay on ground by him and he said Um you smell good baby Whitt!

So cute! Sept 27 -weighed 9 lbs 12 oz and is 22" long

Sept 29 - starting to smile more and more

October 7 - laughed for Joe today